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what this is and isn't: dw hacking posts document my experiments with automating stuff i want to do with Dreamwidth, and making DW more mobile. my goal is to do this stuff with off-the-shelf tools, so that it's accessible to more people. i have an Android phone, a PC, a Google account, and Dropbox. i'd love to have a Mac/iPhone tester/co-conspirator. feedback is welcome, sharing is definitely welcome.

the following are instructions to make a linkpost widget button for an Android smartphone.

tap button, paste link you would like to share on DW, commit, and BOOM, fully formatted linkpost.

this method can be used for any set of post settings that you would like to be able to reuse for a quick post. i'll be making one for mobile movie reviews as the local film festival revs up.


instructions,with lots of pictures )

here are the posts that i make with the widget. it's as easy as sharing a link to any other service.

next up, using IFTTT to make notes into a draft post saved in Dropbox.
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is anyone currently using IFTTT and gmail on iOS (or willing to install IFTTT)?

i've got a mobile post widget working for me on android, i'd love to have someone test iOS before i do a public instruction post so that I can note differences.

alternately, if you're already using IFTTT with DW i'd love to compare notes.
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[personal profile] bisharp has done a great roundup post of tutorials and general info. they are continuously updating the post.

i'm tagging my related posts dw hacking .

Feed me

Apr. 9th, 2017 11:02 am
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DW, like eljay, has an rss feed reader functionality that can be used to add your favorite websites to your Reading Page.

this is the Feeds page. i found a lot of what i wanted was already in the top 1000, waiting to be selected.

many websites have the wee orange icon somewhere, which you can click for the address to create a feed.

today i learned that Tumblr has a very simple scheme: add /rss to the end to get the feed. (i use Tumblr for looking at pictures. so a text-heavy Tumblr like feels better in my Reading Page.)
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one of the things that facebook does is it prods you about activity it thinks you might be interested in. the technical term for those things showing up at the top of your phone screen is "push notifications". DW doesn't have a phone app, and doesn't have the newfangled ability that some websites do to send notifications on their own. but DW will send you ALL THE EMAILS if you tell it to. and from there, your email client can send you the push notifications. boom, DW is prodding you to go interact with your friends.

this is written for Gmail and the Gmail Inbox app.

part one: go tick the boxes here under "also notify me by email". [personal profile] siderea tells you how to get more emails (i know it's a wall of text about filters, that's useful too, scan for "tracking") and how to be double-sure you get all the emails.

part two: (this is important) sign in to the Gmail website on a regular computer. (i spent way too much time trying to get it to show me the desktop website on a tablet. it won't.)
once you have some DW emails in your inbox, follow the create a filter instructions. you want to add a label to every DW email for which you would like push notifications. fortunately, DW seems to have a single "from" address, so it's a pretty simple rule.

part three: tell the Inbox app to notify you when you get email with the DW label. instructions here, you want "labeled and bundled email"

it works. go forth and enjoy DW like it's 2012.
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i've turned on the beta "Create Entries" page for now. it doesn't seem to have rich text support, but since i was on eljay before there was rich text support i've generally worked in the HTML editor anyway.

here's the custom tags page, since i had to look up how to do a cut. they're shorter and have less of the "does that one have a dash?" issues. <3

but check out how nice it is on mobile! Read more... )

regarding mobile, i'm still working on my workflow, but it is working better for me than eljay did (hence a recent flood of posts as i try out features from my phone, etc.) the eljay mobile client always was shit for content creation and commenting.

comment replies via email "just work" (the eljay reply form has been nonfunctional in gmail since i don't know when) - all you do is reply to the email.

for posting by email, i've added the post-by-email address to my address book so that my email client will offer it to me, and stored a template in my drafts folder AND in my phone's Memo app. (gmail has a labs feature called "Canned Responses" that should be able to automate the process on a computer. BUT it doesn't work on any of the mobile apps and that's where i need it the most.) i'm going to do more short, casual linkposts* - any time a website or app offers "share by email" that opens up your regular email client, you can paste in the header switches you want, format the link with HTML if you like, and send to DW.

i also have the beta post page on the home screen of my phone.

there are two mobile-friendly web views** of your reading page to try that are available by default. i have both of them on the home screen of my phone until i figure out which one i like best. maybe i'll keep both.

all the scrapbook photos? still look fine in the imported entries. so i think i won't be deleting scrapbook from eljay because i have yet to find an easy way to get a list of those links and replace them. i was looking at some SEO spidering programs for broken links, but since these links aren't broken it won't work so well.
i used DW hosting in this entry and it works fine.
i did break some shit on my own by forgetting that i had used Dropbox as a host at least once, and then i moved a bunch of pictures off of Dropbox to save space...
embedded video :(
thank goodness i almost never do that. that content is lost forever. DW just replaces the tag with a placeholder and doesn't preserve any info that would help you get back to the original content.

i know other folks have complained, but i'm seeing a rush of activity on DW and i've had longer comment threads than i've had in some time due to eljay wonkiness. i think i like the new apartment.

*remember when that was a thing, pre-myspace? i'm so old. my eljay was so old.
**if you hate blue text on white, those links are not for you.
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i didn't realize how many pictures i had hosted with eljay over the years. i was unable to find an official download function on the eljay site.

this isn't the be all/end all, this is where i got to through trial and error without any scripting. this method does require accepting the TOS, as far as i can tell.

i'm working on Windows. the utility i'm using, wget, is available for all desktop platforms and the command should be the same. you can use any text editor that will find/replace with regular expressions.

software used:
wget for Windows:
you want the setup version.

  1. Go to your photostream. Example:

  2. Open an album.


  4. In the "Size of a pictures" dropdown, choose Original.

  5. Click Insert Pictures.

  6. Now all the pictures in the album are in a draft entry. (If you don't already see these as HTML code, click the HTML tab.)

  7. Copy and paste the draft text into Notepad++.

  8. Repeat the above until you have all of your albums.

  9. Go to Search>Replace.

  10. Select Wrap around and Regular expression.

  11. Find <img src="

  12. Replace with

  13. Find " alt=".*" title=".*">

  14. Replace with

  15. This should get you a list of URLs that look like this:

  16. Save your text file into the folder with wget.exe.

  17. Open cmd. (If you chose the default install location for wget, right-click cmd and choose Run as Administrator.)

  18. Go to the folder with wget.exe: cd "c:\filepath\folderwithwget" (Windows is a butt about copying and pasting on the command line, but you can do it. Copy the filepath, right-click on the title bar of cmd to get a menu, then Edit>Paste.)

  19. Now you should have a prompt that includes the path to the folder with your wget.

  20. Enter this (with the name of your text file): wget -i text_file.txt

all the originals should download loose into the folder with wget and your text file.

Edited to add: if, like me, you used email posting for cell phone pictures, this page may provide some clues in tracking down entries using eljay hosting, when you're ready to replace links in your imported entries.


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