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You have my permission to see Captain Marvel.

Mar-Vell, you guys. The way they did Mar-Vell is deeply satisfying.
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I read it. The title is the best part.

something i saw

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Gratitude Lists Are Bullsh*t — It Was an "Ingratitude" List That Saved Me the headline is hyperbole, but yes, when you have a reason to be sad you should be allowed to be sad.

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me: I always love it when it's snowing, when everything looks fresh and clean. It's later when everything gets grey and krynoids are everywhere that I hate it.

C: what's a krynoid?

me: this one time on Doctor Who...
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How Early Humans Handled Aggression - The Atlantic

Central to his argument is the idea that cooperative killing of incurably violent individuals played a central role in our self-domestication. Much as the Russian scientists eliminated the fierce fox pups from the breeding pool, our ancestors killed men who were guilty of repeated acts of violence.

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image from 1960s Spider-man cartoon, Spidey gesturing toward some snow-covered buildings. "SHIT'S FROZEN"
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(excerpt from slack, mildly anonymized. pirate B will be the gamemaster.)

C [10:09 AM]
I’ll go Mystic.

pirate B [10:12 AM]
Mystic it is! I look forward to your dynamic use of Psychic and Magical Celestial Silver powers!
Also, if you chose to play as a magical girl I would let you transform into your costume as a free action as long as you describe it in aching detail everytime that you do it.

pirate D [10:13 AM]
So mystics have both magic and psionics right? That’s pretty groovy.
That seems a bad idea… :confused:

pirate A [10:14 AM]
Yeah they are really cool. Magical toolbox.

pirate D [10:14 AM]
Though the notion of interrupting a foe with costume montage that doesn’t actually stop time for everyone else is an interesting battle tactic.

pirate B [10:16 AM]
Yeah I would literally stop the fight and everyone would have to wait and watch.

me [10:17 AM]
@C plz.

pirate B [10:18 AM]
I laughed out loud. People in legal are looking at me and I am not sure how to explain.
I just put my head back in my work
But that was a genuine offer

pirate B [10:31 AM]
It's just I could see you both in my head at the gaming table and I could see you just wordlessly say "please" and may a little prayer motion with your hands. and then C just slumps in his seat like he does when he is defeated.
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Recently Finished
The Wonder Engine, the second half of T. Kingfisher's Clocktaur War. I loved it. It was a great continuation and expansion of the story of the D&D Suicide Squad from Clockwork Boys. I was even surprised by a well-earned plot twist (which doesn't happen to me often enough). It's cinematic and funny and has a nice romance plot that comes from character and doesn't mess with the fantasy action. Looking forward to reading more by this author.

Jade City - it turned out to be a bit more Godfather than Mistborn. i enjoyed it but i didn't go put a hold on the sequel.

This was a week of bouncing off of things:
DNF: Grave Mercy - it started out with some sexual assault and i apparently am not interested in starting on that note right now.

DNF: Adaptation - the coming apocalypse escalated too quickly and i didn't care about the protagonist's feelings about her debate partner. this YA was too YA for me.

DNF: Those Who Hunt the Night - the protagonist is an academic who uses his research activities to cover for being a spy. a vampire shows up in his house. they fight crime? this one sounded like it should be for me, but it was not for me this week, so i let it go back to the library.

DNF: Lud-in-the-Mist - if you loved Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell you would probably love Lud-in-the-Mist. At 70 pages (of a relatively slim volume) the mayor's son seemed to have been fairy-addled. That's pretty much all that had happened. Prose was pretty, but not for me. i tried and tried. i felt guilty, until i acknowledged that i was actively avoiding reading for several days because i was supposed to be reading Lud-in-the-Mist.

Currently Reading

after being skeptical of the Rainbow Rowell hype train, i appear to have bought a coach ticket.* i am enjoying this one enough to find moments to steal for reading during the day. even more so since i read Carry On (the protagonist's fanfic that is being written during this novel) first. thus far, i think i would recommend that reading order.

What's Next
more library books, in order of return dates, and the new Wayward Children, then my gift books.

*books about contemporary white people just usually aren't for me. i don't entirely understand why i liked the mundane Attachments especially since i didn't enjoy her with-fantastical-elements Landline. but Landline seems to have been a fluke. i guess i like Rainbow Rowell?
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what are you currently consuming?
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Nirvana in Fire.

this week CxG did almost an entire episode of dream-sequence/AU (because apparently they can do anything they want) where Nathaniel was the protagonist in a romantic comedy. as much as i appreciate the character growth for N, i am having trouble with the hand being dealt.*

NiF is so good, and C has been wonderful about us watching together. we're now about 17 episodes in. my major frustration is that i learned to my despair that i can't look up much of anything online without spoilers. is there something like Mars Investigations or The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 for NiF out there in English?

what did you recently finish?
Nothing since last week. (I did not actually finish The Good Place. I thought it was done, but there was actually one more episode that aired on Thursday. I haven't watched it yet.)

what will you consume next?
MOAR NIF, that last episode of The Good Place. maybe The Orville or Brooklyn 99 if i watch something that isn't NiF.

*it doesn't help that there was a casting change for the character of Greg. part of this was due to scheduling conflicts with the actor, but there is some great writing about how emotional distance can completely change our perception of a person. having Greg played by a new actor makes some sense story-wise. the problem is me, in that Classic Greg is striking but not handsome, and New Greg is more conventionally pretty (and therefore less appealing to me). Classic Greg is a true triple-threat; i haven't seen New Greg really dance, and his singing is serviceable.
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“The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging | Ars Technica I think there's something they missed here - I very clearly remember when the migration to MySpace happened. And then Facebook was where everyone with children went. Basically LJ became "too much work". And now people don't expect personal space or privacy from their social networks, we are.

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Recently Finished
The Riddle-Master. yeah, those books were not for me. at least i correctly guessed why our hero had his superpowers? has someone written fanfic in this universe? i feel like someone else doing something interesting in that world might be good. (just now i realized that it may have been an influence on Birthright. i should check, often the designers will credit their inspirations in the book somewhere.)

DNF: Woman on the Edge of Time. it started with violence against women of color and a forced abortion and i noped the fuck out of there. i know there's supposed to be some good spec fic beyond that point but no, not right now.

Clockwork Boys: D&D meets Suicide Squad featuring a forger, an assassin, a disgraced paladin, a cleric, and some scary stuff going on in the world. unfortunately it's really just half a book, so don't get it without its sequel. (i have that one out from the library but am still racing to finish expired books on the kindle.) i adored it.

Plain Kate: an orphan girl strikes a bad bargain with a witch and has to dig herself out (and save a bunch of lives in the process). it has nifty worldbuilding and a very special cat, kind of classic YA hero's journey stuff. trigger warning for violence against animals.

Cart and Cwidder: more classic YA, a growing into power story featuring magic music and the best horse. i enjoyed this but while the sibling dynamic was great the kids' relationship with their parents was profoundly odd and hard for me to believe; it's book one of a series but while i liked it okay it wasn't enough to seek out the rest. also has violence against animals.

Currently Reading
Jade City - duelling crime families in a Vietnamesque country where jade provides people (who are genetically able) with superpowers. think Mistborn (but with an element that doesn't get consumed) meets The Godfather.

What's Next
kindle library backlog! i'm getting more and more caught up.
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Only visible from the back-left seat.

something i saw

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what are you currently consuming?
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Nirvana in Fire.

multiple folks in my circle have recommended NiF, and it is perfect no-multitasking television: it's subtitled, and everything is significant from gestures to microexpressions to choice of outfit. watching the early episodes has been greatly enhanced by the recaps on [community profile] disgracetoscholars. what is especially for [personal profile] ironymaidens is that this dialog-heavy soap also has at least one martial arts action scene per episode.

what did you recently finish?
The Good Place is now done for the season, and i think it ended well enough; i'm looking forward to the next season and hope there is no effort to extend it further. this is a show that definitely deserves to have a solid endpoint.

what will you consume next?
MOAR NIF - there are 54 episodes (and a sequel) and i've only watched nine or ten.
i'll probably get back into watching The Orville now that the new season is airing. (i am never paying for a CBS-only service so that is my Star Trek until my hold comes up at the library for the Star Trek Disco DVDs. i'm number 366. at least there are 50 copies? by the time i get it in five months or so i'll have forgotten and be pleasantly surprised that past me requested it.)

icon meme

Jan. 20th, 2019 04:55 pm
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(is this my new five questions? mmmmmmaybe.)

via [personal profile] musyc:

1. Comment to this entry saying 'Ooo Shiney!' and I will pick 3 of your icons/userpics.
2. Make an entry in your own journal (or just reply if you prefer) and talk about the icons I picked!

[personal profile] musyc chose:

image of Rachel Bloom in a cactus dress, looking pensive.
keywords: arty, cactus, CxG kernels

this one is relatively new, i made it after abandoning my LJ to the Russian TOS. i use it for artiness and surrealism, sometimes for being a fashion victim or being prickly or awkward.
it's a still from the big song in the Craxy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 opener, Love clip )

image of a US "Don't Walk" sign that has been vandalized to resemble ASL for "I love you"
keywords: don't walk/i love you
this was an actual Don't Walk sign in Seattle. it was across from the old Capitol Hill Bauhaus Coffee (for folks who know where that was). that sort of charming vandalism is something that used to be Very Seattle. IIRC [ profile] solcita took the original picture. most often used when i want to say "I love you" or "I love this" or otherwise express support.

image of a Japanese condom label featuring koalas wearing little condom hats
keywords: bears
back in the day, someone linked to an article with a gallery of charming Japanese condom label art. i loved how sweet and wholesome this image was. this is an icon that is sadly underused, but when i remember it comes out for discussions of birth control, STIs, and sex education (and sometimes bears).
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YOU  WANNA READ CAPTAIN MARVEL COMICS? in the Captain Marvel era I recommend reading just the Kelly Sue books and then if you like, look up her appearances in Spider-Woman.

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my swimsuit has worn out; i broke down and ordered a new one tonight.

every fucking time i have to buy a swimsuit it makes me furious. there are three brands that make long enough suits, and then only a tiny subset of the suits they make are actually "long torso". i also get to pay a 10% premium over "regular".

and gods forbid i want to wear a color i really like, because then i can have exactly nothing.
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Recently Finished
The Keeper of the Isis Light is the science fiction of my childhood, though i didn't read it then. a young woman lives an innocent and carefree existence manning an interstellar outpost until colonists arrive, and then she has to learn about her world and her place in it from another point of view. i enjoyed it now; i would have had SO MANY FEELS about it as a teen.

otherwise i have been reading this one book all week, then realized it's an omnibus edition. i've finished The Riddle-Master of Hed and Heir of Sea and Fire from the Riddle-Master trilogy.

these books are deeply weird. McKillip notes in the forward that she was heavily influenced by Tolkien, and i see it, but there's something about these books that is so...Cliff's Notes of a modern fantasy novel? it's very detached and distant from both the characters and the events; hugely important things happen to our protagonist offstage and often i barely catch things that turn out to be important. and then there are a bunch of people who have names that are only one letter off from other people's names. but this is a nifty world and i do want the answer to the central mysteries.

note: none of the things they call riddles are actual riddles. they're just straightforward questions along the lines of the Bilbo Baggins classic "what do i have in my pocket?"

Currently Reading
Harpist in the Wind, the third one. everyone is overpowered and we still don't know what the antagonists want or what our hero is actually supposed to do.

What's Next
i have so many library books queued up that i'm starting to hit return dates. fortunately the oldest ones are on my kindle which is in airplane mode, so they won't disappear. also i have beta reading to do for C, and he's been very patient. (this pileup came from a combination of Jólabókaflóð suggestions and that big list [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll posted at the end of the year.)


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