Apr. 5th, 2017

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i didn't realize how many pictures i had hosted with eljay over the years. i was unable to find an official download function on the eljay site.

this isn't the be all/end all, this is where i got to through trial and error without any scripting. this method does require accepting the TOS, as far as i can tell.

i'm working on Windows. the utility i'm using, wget, is available for all desktop platforms and the command should be the same. you can use any text editor that will find/replace with regular expressions.

software used:
wget for Windows: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm
you want the setup version.
notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

  1. Go to your photostream. Example: http://ironymaiden.livejournal.com/photo/

  2. Open an album.


  4. In the "Size of a pictures" dropdown, choose Original.

  5. Click Insert Pictures.

  6. Now all the pictures in the album are in a draft entry. (If you don't already see these as HTML code, click the HTML tab.)

  7. Copy and paste the draft text into Notepad++.

  8. Repeat the above until you have all of your albums.

  9. Go to Search>Replace.

  10. Select Wrap around and Regular expression.

  11. Find <img src="

  12. Replace with

  13. Find " alt=".*" title=".*">

  14. Replace with

  15. This should get you a list of URLs that look like this: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/ironymaiden/1176386/4463/4463_original.jpg

  16. Save your text file into the folder with wget.exe.

  17. Open cmd. (If you chose the default install location for wget, right-click cmd and choose Run as Administrator.)

  18. Go to the folder with wget.exe: cd "c:\filepath\folderwithwget" (Windows is a butt about copying and pasting on the command line, but you can do it. Copy the filepath, right-click on the title bar of cmd to get a menu, then Edit>Paste.)

  19. Now you should have a prompt that includes the path to the folder with your wget.

  20. Enter this (with the name of your text file): wget -i text_file.txt

all the originals should download loose into the folder with wget and your text file.

Edited to add: if, like me, you used email posting for cell phone pictures, this page may provide some clues in tracking down entries using eljay hosting, when you're ready to replace links in your imported entries.


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