Aug. 9th, 2017

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Aug. 9th, 2017 12:34 pm
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for Seattlites, an example of why i'm not so into The Stranger anymore (facebook, sorry)

Star Trek is the MCU's future?

a discussion of Medieval attitudes toward witchcraft through the lens of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

discussion of Larry Niven vs Joanna Russ circa 1985. i wish Joanna Russ was more entertaining reading for me. oh well.

McSweeney's: if women wrote men the way men write women

six degrees of Sephora

how Game of Thrones explains white people

Victorian sewer tech: the stinkpipe

Old Man Murray and the origins of Gamergate

and the follow-up:
what happened to the women who built the video game industry?

We Wear Culture: digitized access to the history of clothing and its intersection with culture

how Marvel fought to make sure that the X-men are not legally human

getting your science stuff through airport security

Martin Landau was once a cartoonist (and hawt)

reference reading and watching material for the Starfinder RPG - a list that is interesting in both inclusion and omission...

ermagherd the Japanese drone camera on ISS is super-cute

Google Glass where it belongs: the factory floor

how fear and outrage are profitable for media companies

newly discovered photos of Mt St Helens eruption as seen from Portland

one of the better pieces about the fear of a female Doctor Who

lots of data debunking the "Irish slaves" meme

research on how keyboarding is impacting kanji writing skills in Japan

why the attempted ban on trans folks in the military should concern everyone

honest tourism ads for US states

i'm playing the world's tiniest violin

scary smart things pets have done

smartphones and teens' mental health

a costume designer breaks down why Belle's ballgown in the live action Beauty and the Beast felt underwhelming


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