Jun. 1st, 2017

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Take Every Wave: the Life of Laird Hamilton

(I have had more than my share of colons and testosterone today.)

doc about a pioneering surfer. I wasn't expecting to learn about a guy who is an innovator and backyard engineer. beautiful ocean, check. real-life drama, check. massively egotistic bad boy, check. one of those people (like Anthony Bourdain) that I find interesting but would never ever want in my social circle. I was wishing for IMAX to really get inside those giant waves.
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The Napping Princess

HELLS YES anime from the director of Stand Alone Complex. steampunky dream world starts to interact with near-future real life. nice family relationships, nice friendships, fun adventure, so beautiful, moments that made the audience gasp. see it.
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God of War

Chinese army vs Japanese "pirates" with gunpowder, plus the usual arrows, swords, and polearms. I was expecting rampant jingoism, but plenty of time was spent on Team Japan as humans. I feel like this is one where I'm lacking cultural context for the historical characters. but whatever, Sammo Hung was in it and he's still got it. also, the little sister from Red Cliff had a minor role and just seeing her makes me smile.
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What Lies Upstream

investigative doc about water quality. well done, chilling, too timely. (i avoid photos and video of the US president. he's in this several times.)
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The Landing

narrative film, made in the style of a documentary (lovingly made by people who know documentaries). Apollo 18 lands in the wrong location, and only one man comes out alive. was it...murder? good stuff. creepy how many people walked out thinking it was real. *sigh*
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NOPE. I was about to walk out, and then it ended. it was the kind of drama about a sad sack that I hate. but the lady had mysteriously grown a tail, so maybe that would change her life? or create actual drama? nope. that sucked. maybe it was super deep and symbolic if you were Russian.
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You have my permission to watch Wonder Woman :D


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