May. 31st, 2017

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At the End of the Tunnel

cracking thriller from Argentina about a paraplegic dude who discovers bank robbers are digging a tunnel under his house. do you like a thriller with a smart protagonist? heist movies? you go now. (I saw it as a preview, all showings are upcoming.)
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I have seen so many fucking ads for Valley of Love on TV 5 Monde. it looked like a shitty movie I didn’t want to see the first ten times.
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The Girl Without Hands

watercolor animation based on the Grimm (very grim) fairy tale full of fruit and friendly spirits and dismemberment. good times.
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Life in Waves

doc about electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani. she's the sound of my childhood (not that I knew). interesting and informative.
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Dirtbag: the Legend of Fred Beckey

doc about a climber from Seattle, known among serious climbers but not really outside the community. made with his cooperation, it has some pretty remarkable archival footage and great interviews. the guy is a scream (he reminds me of [personal profile] varina8's C). he's still sleeping rough and climbing in his 90s. recommended for mountains and Seattleness (at one point he's trying to arrange a climbing date from inside my neighborhood outdoor store) and all the stories about his disgusting habits. this was a presser, all showings remain.


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