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i came for the fights, i'll go back again to peel apart the spy stuff. it's full of twistyness and unreliability. i love a cold war spy story.*

solid performances from an excellent cast, with Charlize Theron doing many of her own stunts. the fighting isn't pretty, it's brutal and efficient. people get hurt and stay hurt. they get tired and slow down. they get bruised and bloody. (you watch something like this, and the fights in PG-13 superhero movies get downright creepy.) the trailer made it look like there might be some male-gazy exploitation; not so much. it's largely plot and character driven, when we see naked women. (there is totally naked Charlize Theron, but that's not when she's shot to look sexy.}

okay, i didn't just come for the fights. Pop Culture Happy Hour told me there would be Blue Monday. the soundtrack was a bit on the nose, but it was just part of the style of the world. it was based on a comic book, after all. i enjoyed the 1989 setting, and i thought they did a great job (like Stranger Things) of making a period piece that felt right but wasn't always screaming "LOOK AT THE 80s HURR HURR". most of the action happens in Berlin, and they definitely spent some time filming there, getting in the bullet-pitted walls and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (they also filmed in Budapest, which i'm guessing filled in for East Berlin, since those neighborhoods are now fully gentrified).

i'm glad we get to have R-rated action films again. they can be so good.

*i've come to realize that one of the reasons they have such appeal is that i feel more cultural kinship with the Europeans than with the current heavies. okay, the Russians are the heavies again, but sometimes i think that's because it's way more comfy for an old KGB guy to be fucking with NATO than the Middle East or China.
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