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C agreed to go paddling with me on Saturday morning. this time we tried the rental place that is closer to home and has a better pass program.* thumbs up.

paddling and pictures )
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Eclipse progress tripping light sensors at port of seattle. something i saw

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Just some office plants, nothing to see here. something i saw

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Four goals, four players. CUT OFF ONE HEAD, TWO MORE WILL RISE something i saw

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Witness to unboxing Bears vs Babies something i saw

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I'm finally spinning the rest of the fiber that became a felted dog toy. It's...challenging. I couldn't find the right settings for my wheel, so I pulled out a drop spindle for the first time in months.

Now when the fiber is clumpy or suddenly breaks it's no big deal. (Although I hate having this not-cheap spindle hit the floor.)

This stuff has little blobs of short fiber in it (neps). You can either obsessively pick them out, or make lumpy yarn.

It's neps all the way down. Let's just call it rustic texture and admire the colors. something i saw

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It's my first bus trip with the sidekick. something i saw

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Somehow I always end up at table 9. something i saw

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i'm still experimenting with how to best embed photos in DW, since their hosting is so limited. (for on-the-go, i've got IFTTT hotlinking Instagram, thanks to [personal profile] peartreealley and this applet with a few key edits.)

today i'm trying Google Photos, which works pretty well as of tonight. (if you're an Android user, you probably know about this thing. it's not the same as putting photos in a folder on Google Drive, which confused me for some time.)

Edit to add: as with any photo hosting, if you do something to delete the photo, the photo is gone and you will break the link. Google Photos is pretty aggressive about turning on their back up service on phones. if that's enabled, it will also bother you about deleting the originals from your phone. if you do "free up space" inside the Google Photos app, all is well. if you go into your phone's "gallery" or folders or other not-Google Photos app and delete the original, Google Photos will sync and delete the photo from your cloud storage. tl;dr use the Google Photos app when you want to clean up your phone storage.

  1. in Google photos ( or, select the photo you want to share.

  2. if you're on the page, click the link icon on the upper right and switch link sharing to ON. if you're on the page, click the share icon on the upper right and select Get link. (yeah, i don't know why there are two interfaces with slightly different features either. actually i can guess. software people be crazy.)

    copy that link.

  3. now we cheat. go to this page (and bookmark it): paste the link in the box and click Generate Code.

  4. at the bottom of the page, you have links to the photos. if you know how to write an img tag, img src= that "Direct Link (URL)".

    otherwise, take the "Image Embed Code" and paste it into your draft entry. the way it's written, the image will display in your entry, and clicking it will take the viewer to the image in your Google Photos.

if you don't want to directly associate your Google Photos ID with your DW, you can get rid of the link part. delete everything before <img src= and then also delete the </a> at the end.*

example embed with the link removed:

mmmmmm raclette.

*i note that the developer identifies as a facebook link and his origin site. i'm not sure what that part is for. personal promo? to satisfy some google rule? anyone know? also, i can't promise that this dude isn't using your photos for his machine learning project or his spank bank.
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Just another day at the office. (Enjoying being outside before the heat hits this weekend.) something i saw

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Eclipse sat by me on the bus today. She takes herself to the dog park a few times a week. Note the bus pass. something i saw

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