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not everything has gone to plan this week: some stuff i talked about in a couple locked posts, and then there's the way Powerball didn't draw my numbers*.

  1. i got C to go kayaking with me on Saturday. that was nice, even when he was being a butt.

    he's agreed to go out with me again tomorrow.

  2. i did some stuff that was hard for me, and fell on my face, but i'm better for it.

  3. i finally went to see The Big Sick with Knitta D. it was a good day to talk with her, and i was glad to see it with someone who wouldn't be triggered by all the medical stuff in it. i think that helped me keep from being upset myself. (that said, [personal profile] philotera and [personal profile] scarlettina and probably C are not allowed to watch it.) ultimately i liked it, although i felt it had been oversold by the time i saw it. Holly Hunter is brilliant, as pretty much always.

  4. the latest episode of Restaurant to Another World has a mermaid!

  5. i decided to give Kesha's Rainbow album a try. it's good, and benefits from being listened to as an album - stylistically it ranges from country to get-up-and-shake-yo-ass dance tunes. pop goodness.

and oh yeah, there was an eclipse. we had something like 92% here. that was enough to see twilight and feel a rush of cold. it was delightful to be in a group and hear the waves of reaction as new people stepped onto the deck and put on their glasses for the first time.

*say what you want about the lottery, but when there's a draw in the hundreds of millions, we buy tickets, and for me they're worth their cost just for the fun we have building castles in the sky about what we would do with the money.
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i came for the fights, i'll go back again to peel apart the spy stuff. it's full of twistyness and unreliability. i love a cold war spy story.*

solid performances from an excellent cast, with Charlize Theron doing many of her own stunts. the fighting isn't pretty, it's brutal and efficient. people get hurt and stay hurt. they get tired and slow down. they get bruised and bloody. (you watch something like this, and the fights in PG-13 superhero movies get downright creepy.) the trailer made it look like there might be some male-gazy exploitation; not so much. it's largely plot and character driven, when we see naked women. (there is totally naked Charlize Theron, but that's not when she's shot to look sexy.}

okay, i didn't just come for the fights. Pop Culture Happy Hour told me there would be Blue Monday. the soundtrack was a bit on the nose, but it was just part of the style of the world. it was based on a comic book, after all. i enjoyed the 1989 setting, and i thought they did a great job (like Stranger Things) of making a period piece that felt right but wasn't always screaming "LOOK AT THE 80s HURR HURR". most of the action happens in Berlin, and they definitely spent some time filming there, getting in the bullet-pitted walls and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (they also filmed in Budapest, which i'm guessing filled in for East Berlin, since those neighborhoods are now fully gentrified).

i'm glad we get to have R-rated action films again. they can be so good.

*i've come to realize that one of the reasons they have such appeal is that i feel more cultural kinship with the Europeans than with the current heavies. okay, the Russians are the heavies again, but sometimes i think that's because it's way more comfy for an old KGB guy to be fucking with NATO than the Middle East or China.


Jul. 3rd, 2017 06:36 pm
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Lady Macbeth


and that's a wrap. what a fine last film for me. no, it's not the play. but there is a woman, and there are people in her way who need to be eliminated. also sex and windswept moors. yes please and thank you.

and they're doing laundry at the Marqueen, so the wait for the bus is toasty warm and fresh-smelling. good night!
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The King's Choice

Norwegian film about the German invasion of WW II centered around King Haakon. I tend to forget that in spite of all their history, democratic Norway is very young, and Haakon VII was their first king.

I went down a wiki rabbit hole after this one. (TIL that the current queen of Denmark is a Tolkien nerd.)
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schedule fail. this is NOT the showing of this film that several friends are seeing. at least I got to have a pleasant meal with mimerki beforehand.
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The Door (and short The Sea)

today's lesson: I am not Chinese

second Chinese film (and a short) that I didn't get. I liked this film but couldn't wrap my head around the protagonist's choices. he finds this door that allows him to step into a different version of his life. what choices got him where? which one should he keep? (also felt hamstrung by books, inscriptions in books, and documents that were clearly significant but only shown, never translated in the subs or discussed.)
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I have no idea what just happened. other than featuring a famous Chinese actress, that film had nothing to do with the description. and it was all disjointed and, well, that was a cultural experience. she spoke before the film, with a translator. I was completely at sea.
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The Net

North Korean fisherman accidentally crosses the border into South Korea and everything is horrible as he becomes a political football and no good deed goes unpunished. the film began to feel like an interrogation, where I was questioning the motives of everyone on screen and suspecting every character of being a spy.
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documentary about a Russian performance artist who uses his body to make political art. the striking thing is that this man is of sound mind. he is calm, he is on message, and he is fully committed. tough to watch with the body squick (not linking the trailer, which shows him nailed to Red Square) but compelling and well done. the images he makes are haunting.

an article about this guy with some good photos
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locally made sci-fi comedy that started out as youtube shorts. yup, should have stayed there. (I'm not criticizing the cheap effects or the acting or cinematography, I'm criticizing the writing which was terribad.)
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Forever Pure

would you like to have someone piss all over your faith in humanity? check out Forever Pure, where right-wing Israeli soccer fans literally set their club on fire because the team hired a couple of guys from Chechnya. on fire, as in burnt up their trophies. walk out of the stadium because the Muslim player scores a goal. stop coming to games at all. (also, there's this whole thing where all these racist fans are, well, brown people who look exactly like the brown people they hate when we see them play a game vs the "Arab" team.) anyhoo, everyone who was horrible gets rewarded and everyone who wasn't a vicious racist loses their job and the team makes Europa League as soon as the Chechens leave. yes, it's a documentary.
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(This post brought to you by the inevitable SIFF summer cold. I've been on my back all day.)

a thread on [community profile] scans_daily brought up a comparison with Captain America: The First Avenger. I would say that TFA is an origin story, and Wonder Woman is a coming-of-age story. The central tenet of TFA is that Steve is unchanged by the serum, he was always the same hero. Diana, OTOH, isn't fully formed and her understanding of the world is changed by her experiences.

Diana is constantly shown that the world is complex, that your good guy is someone else's bad guy. (this is strengthened by the World War I setting. there are no Nazis to punch here.) I'm impressed that something so heavy could be handled in this film, yet it still is filled with hope and (like the Flash) she's happy and fulfilled by being a hero and does not refuse the call.

If the movie gets you curious about the character and the comics check out the Wonder Woman tags here.

Happy to talk spoilers in the comments.
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You have my permission to watch Wonder Woman :D
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NOPE. I was about to walk out, and then it ended. it was the kind of drama about a sad sack that I hate. but the lady had mysteriously grown a tail, so maybe that would change her life? or create actual drama? nope. that sucked. maybe it was super deep and symbolic if you were Russian.
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The Landing

narrative film, made in the style of a documentary (lovingly made by people who know documentaries). Apollo 18 lands in the wrong location, and only one man comes out alive. was it...murder? good stuff. creepy how many people walked out thinking it was real. *sigh*
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What Lies Upstream

investigative doc about water quality. well done, chilling, too timely. (i avoid photos and video of the US president. he's in this several times.)
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God of War

Chinese army vs Japanese "pirates" with gunpowder, plus the usual arrows, swords, and polearms. I was expecting rampant jingoism, but plenty of time was spent on Team Japan as humans. I feel like this is one where I'm lacking cultural context for the historical characters. but whatever, Sammo Hung was in it and he's still got it. also, the little sister from Red Cliff had a minor role and just seeing her makes me smile.
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The Napping Princess

HELLS YES anime from the director of Stand Alone Complex. steampunky dream world starts to interact with near-future real life. nice family relationships, nice friendships, fun adventure, so beautiful, moments that made the audience gasp. see it.
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Take Every Wave: the Life of Laird Hamilton

(I have had more than my share of colons and testosterone today.)

doc about a pioneering surfer. I wasn't expecting to learn about a guy who is an innovator and backyard engineer. beautiful ocean, check. real-life drama, check. massively egotistic bad boy, check. one of those people (like Anthony Bourdain) that I find interesting but would never ever want in my social circle. I was wishing for IMAX to really get inside those giant waves.


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