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  • i knit a dog toy out of fancy pencil roving. i am happy about how pretty the colors are (it's why i bought the roving originally) and i'm happy anticipating the fun times i'll have with Leela. i'm also pleased that i was able to get over myself and use the roving instead of hoarding it against some "more worthy" project.

  • i gave some AU Marvel/AU Potterverse crossover fanfic a try, and it was delightful. someone in my circle recommended it, and i left it unread in an open tab for days. thanks! Every Little Thing He Does Is, featuring Steve Rogers the auror, adventure, fixit for the Wizarding world in the US, lots of Marvel nerdery, and a sweet PG romance.

  • if you are an American woman of a certain age, Oprah Winfrey is a presence in your life (whether you want her there or not). The Oprah Winfrey show is thirty years old now, and WBEZ Chicago did an excellent series of podcasts about the show and its impact on American culture. it was completely absorbing on a day when i really needed to get my brain to shut up. Making Oprah

  • this rare SFW Oglaf comic

  • i've been reading Code Name Verity to C before bed. he's well and truly hooked, and he's caught on to spoilery things well before i did when i read it. it's such a pleasure listening to him try to puzzle it out.
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    read the comments on any post. am dog person, still subscribed.
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    PDF download of 'Learning from Shogun' a collection of academic writing about the history and culture covered in the book. it was created to help all the teachers who got hit with a flood of book and miniseries fans in the 80s.

    reddit thread about 'the redneckiest thing you've ever done'

    archiving digital content is tough and expensive. more support for my belief that we're living in an era that future historians will consider a dark age due to no recorded culture surviving.

    a deeper dive into the data about the ACA cutting down on bankruptcy

    fat Shibe in a cute hat

    buzzfeed goes to a death industry convention

    research someone wants: Victorian ballroom etiquette for men
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    this playlist is amazing and I love it .

    i think multiple people rec'd it today, but i failed to take note who.
    thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    this is an entire mashup album of Star Wars and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts
    Club Band. it is in the heart of [personal profile] ironymaiden's venn diagram.

    enjoy before someone decides to take it down. (it certainly is a
    transformative work, but you know how that goes.)


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