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there's a bill to create a points system for US immigration. I am *almost* willing to go have a fight on facebook about it. because it's way overdue.

I try not to write about politics here, but fuck it. Frex, I have a friend who has two master's degrees and has been here for 20 years, doesn't even have a green card. Can't get one. Why? He's from India and the quota is always full. The thing I like about the concept of points is that you can apply yourself to improve your score. (My other anecdote is that I know someone here going to welding school because welding is on Australia's high demand list.)

I'd happily see the H1B system murdered in favor of points, rather than the tech sector relying on an underclass of people who a) pay taxes but get no safety net and b) are always a reorg away from being deported and c) manipulated via a and b.

I'm not saying the proposal as-is is perfect, but the idea is worth a bipartisan effort to get it right.

What do you think about immigration points?


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