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i'm all caught up on The Flash now. anyone else want to talk spoilers?
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this playlist is amazing and I love it .

i think multiple people rec'd it today, but i failed to take note who.
thank you from the bottom of my heart.

this is an entire mashup album of Star Wars and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts
Club Band. it is in the heart of [personal profile] ironymaiden's venn diagram.

enjoy before someone decides to take it down. (it certainly is a
transformative work, but you know how that goes.)
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what this is and isn't: dw hacking posts document my experiments with automating stuff i want to do with Dreamwidth, and making DW more mobile. my goal is to do this stuff with off-the-shelf tools, so that it's accessible to more people. i have an Android phone, a PC, a Google account, and Dropbox. i'd love to have a Mac/iPhone tester/co-conspirator. feedback is welcome, sharing is definitely welcome.

the following are instructions to make a linkpost widget button for an Android smartphone.

tap button, paste link you would like to share on DW, commit, and BOOM, fully formatted linkpost.

this method can be used for any set of post settings that you would like to be able to reuse for a quick post. i'll be making one for mobile movie reviews as the local film festival revs up.


instructions,with lots of pictures )

here are the posts that i make with the widget. it's as easy as sharing a link to any other service.

next up, using IFTTT to make notes into a draft post saved in Dropbox.
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due to my brain being full of work stuff, the weekend wasn't as restorative as i hoped. but there was still plenty of goodness.

as mentioned previously, the science GOH is a costumer with a magnificent beard, and i will always treasure in my heart the memory of him using his trident to point out features on projections of Pluto and Charon.

i didn't do much with the other guests...not very interesting to me, or already in my social circle. i did enjoy the Angry Robot books panels. their founder is a character, but in a good way*. the household ended up with three of their books as swag, they all sound good.

loose panel notes:

  • The key to pinup art is extra vertebrae. More length in torso shows off hip and breasts. (Most people are 5.5 heads tall.)

  • Chris Wahl beefcake Popeye and Shaggy

  • Lunar soil is too spiky for plant roots. It will literally cut through them. To farm on the moon we need to tumble the soil. Mars is easier since there has been water. Mars dirt is more like diatomaceous earth.

  • (on radiation exposure) Lung tissue collects alpha particles

  • Neutron radiation is only an issue in places like Hanford where the concentration is crazy high

  • glacial lake Missoula flood

  • Harold McCluskey accident

  • Radioactive kitty litter

  • Helium comes from decaying radioactive material

  • Nagasaki material came from 100b. Now open for tours.

  • Tritium contamination treatment: half rack of beer on the way home

*ask me about my impressions of Jim Baen for contrast
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*dude in excellent King Triton costume*

"Now, if only I could find my daughter..."

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  1. NORWESCON, I am going there after work. Imma get some science on and be
    among my people and have a hotel weekend with C in the sekrit boutique
    hotel behind the con hotel.

  2. unless they have changed the cable package, that hotel includes new
    Doctor Who .

  3. DW is easier to make mobile than eljay was. I'm feeling oddly thankful
    for the stupid TOS waking things up.

  4. seriously, Facebook is so stressful. I am so much happier here. I got
    to rec books and tv shows and talk about why Sam is the hero of the LOTR

  5. reorg at work puts me on exciting sekrit project.

  6. the MtBwaA festival of [personal profile] buhrger begins, now with more [ profile] ethnomuse!

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well, that was great. it could have been larded with references, jump scares, and tear-jerking. it's not. it's a period piece, and it does sing a particular song to me: it starts with a D&D session and the opening credits are the beautiful lovechild of a classic Stephen King novel cover and Terminator. but it's not built on references. it just is.

for me, the horror elements were mild, the suspense was compelling, and the characters were king. highly recommended. happy to talk spoilers in comments.
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[ profile] scarlettina asked me five questions. the answers are below. if you would like five questions (and to perpetuate the best meme), let me know in comments. if you have comments about my answers, let me know in comments. in general, commenting is encouraged all around.

  1. You were without a dog for about a year before Leela joined the household. What's the hardest thing about not having a dog?

  2. ...i really choked on this one. maybe the answer is "having had a dog". we clearly survived somehow before. but we gained a great deal that we didn't entirely know we were missing. mental health stuff mostly. dog *is dog* and makes you feel good just by being around. dog makes you exercise. dog makes you put on pants and talk to your neighbors. dog provides an external focus for anxiety.

  3. You and C haven't taken a big trip in a while. If you could go anywhere and money were no object, where would you go?

  4. space. the ISS would be good enough. (IIRC the Russians aren't doing this anymore.)

    my other powerball fantasy is a cruise around the world. i collected some huge brochures for it about ten years ago. this actually exists, including a trip through the Panama canal. it takes a year. you can bring your dog.

  5. As a knitter, what's your favorite wool to work with and why? Is that a question it's even possible to answer?

  6. favorite wool is more of a spinner question, i think. but my answer is similar - i like wool that is more bouncy and elastic than drapey. i don't have a firm answer yet; i like wool that is related to Downs or Merino (this covers a lot of sheep breeds) better than something like Wendsleydale or Icelandic. (that said, i have a bunch of breed-specific samples to try. i could be wrong. i like exploring this stuff.)

  7. For so many of us, the life we have isn't the life we expected or planned for. If you were living that life, what would it look like?

  8. which one? there have been several. the husband and dog and city of moderate size were always in the plan. the expected life for a very long time included having children. the planned for life (the aspirational life, let's be clear) would be approximately Kurt Beattie - artistic director at a respected regional theatre of moderate size.

  9. Two part question: Is there a Star Trek character you admire most and if so why? If you were a Star Trek character, which would you be? Would they be the same one?

  10. no. "admire" is a word that i only apply to real-life people. i can say that of the Star Trek actors i most admire Patrick Stewart, both for his body of work (Royal Shakespeare Company did several teaching videos that i studied in college) and his charitable causes which include domestic violence and PTSD. honorary mention to Wil Wheaton, who i loathed on the show, but figured out how to create a life on his own terms and a steady income (all while dealing with anxiety and being open about that).
    i'd be Bones - influential and trusted, in charge of his own domain, but not interested in being in charge of all the things. he's brave when needed, occasionally quippy, and can't help saying what he's thinking or at least showing it on his face.
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i read Flex and The Flux over the holidays. enjoyed the heck out of them.

i was thinking about why i liked them better than Ready Player One or His Majesty's Dragon, since they're falling apart in similar ways as soon as i examine them .

let me back up.

Ready Player One was enjoyable, but it annoyed me with its obsessive reliance on references,and using them in ways that didn't serve the story. (it annoyed me even more that the dead character was too young for the content he was obsessed with.) the references got intrusive and painful and masturbatory and overrode the otherwise interesting worldbuilding and story.

His Majesty's Dragon failed on its premise. somehow, intelligent dragons have always been around,and somehow, world history and culture is almost entirely unchanged. oh, and Napoleon is the first person to think of using dragons as dropships for ground troops. complete and utter bullshit. i kind of hate-read some of the sequels, not sure why at this remove, because the writing style annoyed me - i know that she considered Patrick O'Brian to be a major influence and *shudder* she is no Patrick O'Brian. i just kept hoping the world would get better, i guess. (i do HIGHLY RECOMMEND Novik's unrelated book Uprooted. i don't know how they come from the same person.)


in the 'Mancer books, magic is powered by obsession. so you get powers based on fire, or art, or paperwork, or video games. every time you warp the world with your obsession, you have to deal with a flux of bad luck. magic is illegal because it's stupidly dangerous. Europe is a no-man's land post WWII.

the books hinge on an AU where technology and popular culture are basically exactly the tech and culture we know today. one of the main characters is a video game 'mancer who uses familiar console tech and game characters and mechanics to manipulate the world.

if you think for five minutes about how a chunk of the industrialized world disappearing 70 years ago would change both the economy and art, the soufflé deflates. (and that doesn't even address MAGIC,or what happened in the Pacific...Japan must be fine because there's Nintendo and Mortal Kombat. but why? why? why?)

Steinmetz wears his influences on his sleeve. but he's very clever with them, and it so happens that i like his influences.* there was a moment where i literally pumped my fist in the air. (there was also a moment where i stopped and said, yes, Ferrett, i also liked that scene.) but the key here is that the characters are great, their motivations and actions are organic to those characters, and the cultural stuff is almost entirely crucial to the plot and integral to the action instead of "look what i did there".

will you love it if you have never played a video game? i think it's quite possible. and it's pretty hard to be a nerd without having been exposed in a general cultural way to the stuff used in the books. there's certainly enough friendship and adventure to make up for all the Mario. (and there's a fat female nerd with a sex life. *sparkly heart emoji*)

*well, okay, i really really wanted to like Breaking Bad but was blocked by the stuff with his inlaws and his wife. [ profile] ironymaiden: loves making drugs, killing people,and becoming a horrible person. can't stand mundane family conflict.

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as mentioned previously, my Friday game group has been playing the Fantasy Flight version of the Star Wars RPG. saying "the" in this case is a bit of a misnomer, as they have taken one ruleset and made several different games from it. each game functions independently, or you can do a full crossover (kind of like World of Darkness, but with less hiccups). the time span is basically that of the original trilogy. our regular game is Edge of the Empire (smugglers/scoundrels in the outer rim), but we use content from Age of Rebellion (rebel alliance) and Force and Destiny (force users). they're basically milking you for all the book purchases they can - the three base books, plus lots of splatbooks.

it uses custom dice, which turned me off on the game in 2012 when it came out. i have a freaking piece of furniture with drawers full of dice. like i need more dice. and they're not even fun to collect - they use proprietary symbols and they're color-coded, so it's not like i can buy my own set and have it be different from my friends' sets.

i'm still not crazy about the dice, but it creates a mechanic for flavor. you have success and failure.* you also have advantage and threat. dice are almost always additive - the GM adds dice for difficulty (that only have failure and threat on them) and you can improve your dice class or get dice from allies. you roll your pool of dice. failure cancels success, threat cancels advantage. whatever is left over after canceling is your result. this means you can, say, succeed but have threats: you escape the stormtroopers, but into a garbage compactor...

on Black Friday, we did a special event, where we created high-level Jedi for a one-off. it turns out that we were playing out past events that had happened in the ruins our regular characters were starting to explore. (I got my ya-yas out with a character designed to choke people and shoot Force lightning. I crushed people so quickly and effectively that I never did get to try the lightning.) our actions determined the contents of the holocron our regular party discovered.

my regular character is a Gotal, a horned race who can sense emotions and therefore speak with no inflection. she's a folklore student, knocking around the Galaxy looking for cool stories and avoiding paying off her student loans. (who knew a university on Alderaan would have offworld debt collection. I mean, didn't the records get destroyed?) being enthusiastic and curious with a flat voice is still not old.

it's a nice way to ease into that movie coming out.

*when you're really good or the stakes are large, you also have triumph and despair.
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[ profile] buhrger asked me five questions. if you would like me to ask you five questions, request them in a comment, then post with the same offer so that the best meme may roll on.

1.if ten-years-ago you saw your current level of engagement with Sounders FC/MLS, how surprised would she have been? (asking because ten-years-ago me would have been a little surprised.)

i think she would be more shocked that i could afford to be a season ticket holder than anything else. but perhaps sad that i couldn't escape sports - in 2005 i didn't have to know anything or pretend to care about any sports. the only time i saw any game of any kind was [ profile] southplains's annual Super Bowl party.

but there's also a certain inevitablilty. my family has always watched sports. while i never was thoroughly passionate about any of them, i always liked the in-stadium experience of football and basketball (and to a lesser extent, baseball).* my brothers played football when they were in highschool (and i was a charming toddler). my family had Penn State football tickets. i was in marching band, which meant that i was at all the football games when i was in high school. i always loved the crowd dynamic and anything involving singing or call and response.

there is part of me that is hardwired to love night games in crisp cool weather. the boiling hot summer day games? 2015 me is still surprised that i can stand that. you have a memory of first realizing that you are a dog person? or has it always been part of you?

no. there have always been dogs, or an aching hole where the dog should be.

i have no memory of learning to love dogs. (my father had a well-trained black Lab when he married mom. so when i was born, Buck was already there.) i have memories of being told to be more careful, that not every strange dog is my friend. i also remember a time when mom suggested that i give the dog some of the cookie i was eating: i held it out and let the dog take a bite, then i finished it. no dog ever bit me (other than puppy nips) or chased me or gave me a bad experience (other than dying in my presence). in this i'm pretty lucky since i accidentally mostly did things right - i only really started researching the science of dog body language and behavior when we were ramping up to adopting Molly.

3.if, for reasons of notional security, you were required to move out of ballard to some place on the east side (the horrors!) where would you go? money is no object. notional security, yunno.

security? like, i'm building a fortress? The Snoqualmie Tunnel as a starter tunnel for my hollow mountain fortress. it has two defensible access points and a lovely view. (hey, we should do that hike some August.)

4.regarding star wars the force awakens, where do you fall on the spectrum from "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" to "it better not suck"? (to, i suppose, "i'm not even going to bother")

i fall solidly in "i've been hurt before". C and i occasionally say "hey, we should buy tickets for that sometime" and then we fail to go order them. i have avoided most spoiler chatter and i suppose i will need to see it before Christmas if i want to visit the internet. Pirates A and E are passionate about it and we *are* playing the Star Wars RPG right now, so it's more of a social obligation than an actual desire at this point. i don't need more Star Wars at all, but it would be nice for it to be good.

5.while we both read charlie stross, we seem to prefer different books of his. which are your favourites, and which are your least favourites?

favorites are the Laundry books, but i think they're most successful as shorter stories. so i love The Atrocity Archives, and the short about working over Christmas, and the short with the unicorns.

i adored the start of the Merchant books, but for me they fell off the rails when <redacted /> died and i think i gave it one book after that and then walked away.

i liked Singularity Sky.

thought the ones with the crime in the MMORPG were already dated when they were published and terribly twee. "Web 3.14" *rolls eyes*

loathed Accelerando. the reviews were so good, and then it turned out to be a collection of short stories that i didn't like when i read them the first time in their magazine publication. (i was really into reading short fiction magazines at the right time.)

*hockey was something i watched on tv sometimes. i think Penn State had an ice rink? i know i tried ice skating indoors approximately once somewhere and my ankles were too weak to function. i actually had an Edmonton sweatshirt at one point - it was in a bargain bin and i loved the colors. i had a passing interest in the Pittsburgh Penguins, who were very very good when i was in high school - i loved the mouth-feel of saying Jaromir Jagr (for the uninitiated, it sounds like yommer yagger. yommer yagger yommer yagger yommer yagger!)
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[ profile] mimerki posted a meme wherein they were asked to write about six of their userpics. If you comment "Meme Me" I will pick six of your userpics that you can then write about, thus maintaining meme balance in the LJ-verse. Feel free to propagate or not, ask people to ask you for six userpics, as you like.

knitting, yarncore

this is my knitting/yarn icon. knitting has always been a part of my life: my mother's primary hobbies are knitting and playing the piano. i learned to knit as a teen, got bored, and didn't get hooked again until i needed something soothing to do while dad was being treated for cancer. i do it because it is boring. i do it because i am always jittering. i do it because i need to always be making things and knitting is infinitely portable and forgiving of mistakes.

the icon itself came from some Diesel Sweeties swag that is long discontinued (alas, before i was knitting again) but i never forgot the design. i love the color and the lines, and the design actually was called "yarncore".

emo, h8

i don't think i've used this one much, but only because i found it after i had done most of my being emo on LJ. but hey, remember when people were miserable on LJ? i have it because there are times when i have to be emo on LJ. but i am often fully aware that i'm being emo on LJ and need to poke at myself and comment on it. (hence angry loser Anakin.) these days i tend to check myself before i write some screed of misery; i'm not sure that dwelling helps. OTOH, if that's what it takes to keep me posting, i should dwell more.

midas conflict

this was my icon for former Pirate A's Saga Edition Star Wars game, The Midas Conflict. sometimes i still use it when i'm talking about Star Wars, or when Leia feels appropriate for some reason. that was a fun game. (one of our famous stories was using destiny points in succession to obliterate an NPC who was designed to be a recurring villain. we also brought down a star destroyer.) as i think about it, that was really the first run of my Friday night gaming group. i think LJ is telling me we've been together for about 8 years. it so happens we're playing the current version of Star Wars rules right now. i should write about that; i was turned off by the specialty dice when the game first showed up at PAX, but the system has really grown on me. (i'm looking forward to a one-off extra-long all-Jedi all-combat session on Black Friday.) so much life stuff has happened in that time: jobs, school, marriages, divorce...


i love the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial. it could be my favorite thing from Serenity. the idea that eating them could make you "bust out of your blouse" delights my inner 12-year-old. sometimes this icon is about surprise or absurdity. sometimes, it's about bewbs.


this was a thing for a while, doing fandom mashups. this one tickled me to no end. the words are a reference to the Firefly episode Jaynestown, where Jayne is surprised to discover he is a folk hero with a statue in his name. it so happens that was also a thing in a Doctor Who serial, The Face of Evil. sometimes this is my "no shit, there i was" icon. sometimes it just amuses me. sometimes i want to use my Doctor and my favorite companion.

reader boys

original comic. this is my "talking about books" icon, which also encapsulates my love for readers and my disdain for people who don't read. i understand going through spates of not-reading. but if you say "i don't read" you're going to have to work pretty hard to convince me you shouldn't be ground up for food.
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the movie adaptation of The Martian is pretty darn good. i could pick some nits, but any movie that mentions Glorfindel gets points with me.

iZombie is on Netflix. knitta D thought i would like this one. i've watched a couple episodes, and so far it is very reminiscent of Veronica Mars, if Veronica was a zombie and her white ex-boyfriend with short brown hair seemed to have no character beyond "loves protagonist" (okay, i guess that *is* Duncan). might be the start of something good. trying to decide if i should look up the comics.

also on the potentially good media front, Agents of SHIELD is kickass so far. {{{Fitz-Simmons}}}

i am in a time warp where the new Rock Band is out and cleolinda is recapping the latest Twilight book.

i went out for breakfast with C this morning. getting to do that every so often is really good for me.
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Work is feeling like less of a disaster.

while i still don't have a dog, the truth is that we were very busy this week and i was glad to be available. this coming week at work i'm running the store while two bosses are on vacation. the upcoming weekend has C at PAX, so again, not the best time for a new dog. this delay is okay. our first interactions with the least-crazy rescues have been okay. (and the one i thought was crazy is really definitely crazy.)

still in love with Marvel Unlimited. Currently reading She-Hulk. <3

knitta P plyed me with Bitch Planet. i don't like prison stories, but so far i am intrigued. and feeling even better about Emerald City ComicCon, who had "Non Compliant" shirts this year. hells yeah.

i went out every damn day this week. i ate great food and laughed and was surrounded by love and community. i have a wonderful family.

Friday night game was fun. we took over a city!

Hugo results are in, and the numbers show that the slate voters failed, AND that the rest of the voters still had their own diverse opinions. (frex, lots of people voted for Jim Butcher's book, lots of people voted for Guardians of the Galaxy, both from the puppy slates. this tells me that the No Award spite voters weren't an all-powerful bloc either. democracy wins.)

i started making strips of the fiber i dyed so that i can try a technique of blending color as i draft. I'll have time to spin today.
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the casts of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter have a lipsync battle.
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Tablet! my little netbook is dead, so I have acquired a tablet with matching stylus. great compromise for me- basically a giant version of my phone, but with fancy bells and whales. I'm handwriting this!

I read Uprooted, and it was great. I had picked up a promo at comiccon, and enjoyed it, but I was skeptical because Naomi Novik does not have a great track record as far as I'm concerned, kind of a dis-recommendation: "Remember those stupid faux-Aubreyad books with the cruddy world-building and the chatty dragons?" Please ignore. If you have loved Robin McKinley or that one Orson Scott Card fairytale book (Enchanted, worth getting from a Library) you should read this thing. [ profile] frabjouslinz loved it, she was right. It's not just about a woman and her mentor, it's also about best friends and the way women compete (and no love triangle).

Make a plan and follow it through. With the tablet, I was able to chart out a knitting idea and then swatch the chart. It changed my thinking about the pattern. But I did it without having to knit the entire thing and rip it out, or take copious notes. I made the notes first. Way easier, and I learned lots about the notes app on my tablet.

I am drinking a Not Your Father's Root Beer. Om nom nom.
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taking a page from [ profile] scarlettina, recent media stuff:

i remain skeptical about the new Star Wars movie.

my impressions of the teaser trailer:
looks like some editors' challenge to cut it as if it was a horror film. muzzle flash, shakycam, stupid gimmcky new lightsaber, MILLENIUM FALCON SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

effects look great. other than the editing style, the design was all the Star Wars of my childhood - grubby and angular, occasionally ludicrous. then they got me with the Falcon paired with Luke's theme. i short-circuited. no lie, there were tears of joy. then i settled enough to hear the trailer end with the whisper-whoosh of a lightsaber powering down. squee!

the sense-memory experience of Star Wars is so strong for me. (i was reminded of how i responded to the trailers for the 2005 Doctor Who.) after the trailer, i rushed off and pulled out the DVD, and enjoyed its thumb-sucking goodness. (the trailer made C want to turn on Clone Wars, so clearly we got different things from it.)

still, i doubt. i think it will be like Star Trek - we won't know if this movie thing is a success until there are two films (The Motion Picure/Wrath of Khan, Generations/First Contact, Star Trek/Into Darkness). the first one is a transition, the second one tells us if we're building something new or toiling in the nostalgia mines. the JJ Abrams Star Trek is why i am profoundly skeptical about this venture. (moving away from Lucasfilm isn't an issue for me. i can rant extensively on how George Lucas is a visionary and not a writer/director. his work shines when he hires more talented people to execute.) the Abrams Star Trek was a great transitional film, where the universe was skilfully reset and our hands were held through the transition. Star Trek Into Darkness was a brain parasite activating our memories of Wrath of Khan - instead using the reset to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, yaddayadda.

tl;dr i will probably watch two new Star Wars movies. i will be forgiving of the first and judge their success or failure with the second.

finally saw Interstellar.
loved it. probably because it evoked old Heinlein, Known Space, A Wrinkle In Time, and Queen. and they kept dog-whistling classic sf films without doing full-on references; it was a balancing act that i found quite satisfying. Interstellar didn't care if you could keep up or not, the heroes were scientists, it didn't force a romance, and the family relationships were truthy. bonus points for seamlessly incorporating clips from The Dust Bowl. our future is in the stars - it's not that i think we should stop trying to take care of the earth, it's that i think it will heal much faster if there are less of us here to mess it up. i need to see Interstellar in the theater again.

as a reader of the books, i found Mockingjay: Part 1 to be pretty satisfying. (not sure how it would feel without that background.) the films have made the Katniss vs President Snow storyline particularly great. and damn, Elizabeth Banks, damn. Effie Trinket is still Effie Trinket, even without her makeup. looking forward to a third Hunger Games birthday next year.


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