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this was my view this weekend.

i was at a tame and gentle bachelor party. pirate A wanted to go camping with the game group and his old roommate, so we did. the sun came out and blessed us with a bright but still cool day on Saturday. we drank a lot of cider, but not so much that anyone was sick or stupid. we cooked great food, and played games, and enjoyed the bluff and the beach. (i only went to the beach once. there were switchbacks and stairs involved - fine on the way down, less appealing on the way up.)

we blew bubbles, and we toasted peeps.* i think everyone read my Mockingbird trades; responses included "this is my favorite super hero now".

we gloried in moonlight and looked at stars, and we definitely threw toxic chemicals on the fire.

it was a good time.

*the drug store was selling leftover packs of peeps for 5 cents each. i spent 15 cents and we didn't go through them all.
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originally C was supposed to be home for two weeks. but the treatment schedule opened up a bit, so we pushed his flight out a week - which meant that we could get in some camping.

prior to the whole cancer thing, our plan for the summer was to go camping as much as we could and get Leela used to the idea (or determine that it was never going to work) before our annual trip in July.

realizations and a change of plans )

on Saturday we got up, went out for coffee, and once C's breakfast had settled, he was willing and we were off. Leela doesn't love the car. i had given her some benadryl to make her a little drowsy, and rode in the back seat with her. she proceeded to drool copiously in a way i had never seen. like, soaking my pants copiously. i spread my flannel on my lap to help sop it up, which was good, since it caught the vomit :/

after puking, Leela felt much better and lay down for the rest of the ride. fortunately, dog vomit is basically scentless, so i just had to keep from spilling until we arrived. after that, pretty much everything was fine.

Dash Point
feels surprisingly isolated for being on the edge of Federal Way and under a flight path to SeaTac. the park has a salmon stream and a pleasant hiking trail along it through a second growth forest, from the campground to its outlet on a Puget Sound beach. we saw rabbits, and ate the occasional salmonberry, and Leela splashed in the stream. the sound, well, that was a step too far. (we didn't go down early enough for the minus tide.) there were wee six or eight inch waves. Leela could see that other dogs were playing in the water, and she would run up to the edge, but then THE WATER MOVED and that was not okay. i guess if the waves came up past my knees i would be a bit wary too.

we made steaks and baked potatoes with the campfire, and generally chilled out. between the tree cover and being relatively close to the shore we had steady cool breezes and as long as we stayed out of the sun the temperature was great. Leela slept pretty well in the tent, although she did alert a couple times during the night. (placid Molly did that too, so i feel pretty okay about that.) the important thing is that she didn't flip out every time someone walked by the campsite. she didn't mind being on a run (we attach an elastic lead to climbing cord run between a couple trees; leashes are the law). she totally loved walking in the woods, and picked up on the campsite being "home" immediately.

C did okay too. it was definitely not-NH.

the campground was busy, mostly families. i was delighted that it was only maybe 50 or 60 percent white people, and not all of those white people were speaking English. ditto the day use side of the park with the beach. parks are for everyone <3 <3 <3

the only problem heading home was that when we parked the car, Leela didn't really want to get out. eventually i had to pick her up, which is hysterical because she sticks all four legs out as far as she can, like some kind of deformed starfish. still, it was pretty easy. we can do this again.

*there was filming going on a few tables over, seemed to be people in the music business telling anecdotes. didn't recognize anyone, wasn't going to get in their way to find out. we live in a city, motherfuckers.
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quote from a friend who is re-entering the dating pool:
every woman in Seattle is either on Machu Picchu, rock climbing, or coming out of a TARDIS. and they all knit. i guess i need to watch Doctor Who.*

* * *

on a somewhat related note, C and i recently watched Mike Magee's Day Off, which is incredibly well-done and the best thing since The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. it amuses me to no end that my sportsball fandom is the one i can't fully share with my RL friends or coworkers.

* * *

our July camping trip this year included emergency relocation due to the creek rising and creating a brand new waterfall through our usual campsite. fortunately this happened during the day, and with the help of the rest of the party we managed to go from "i think this might flood" to full relocation and reset of three tents in about 20 minutes, all before any damage was done.

no, there was damage: we typically stock a weir in the creek with drinks (glacier runoff makes a great cooler) and the canned beverages were carried away. pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one and a normal water level for comparison.

and pirate E's parents managed to escape their truck before it exploded.

ultimately a good time was had by all, and i have taught another person that properly prepared beets don't taste like dirt.

* * *
the flowerboxes are thriving.

* * *
work is very busy for me. work is slow for C, so he's on a new clients/new contracts campaign. on one hand, it's excellent to see all the cool things he's done lined up on his resume, on the other hand resumes are hard and horrible and i feel like writing/editing professionals have an extra burden when it comes to polishing the damn things. *shudder*

* * *
i finally finished spinning some fiber i bought at Madrona, and knit it into a hat that was just the thing for camping. (i seriously considered taking my wheel, because busting it out by the campfire would have been badass, but we agreed that puffy fiber and the occasional bit of flying ash and leaf litter and bugs really don't mix.) camping did allow me to finish the stupid socks that are too narrow for my feet, so those are heading [ profile] varina8's way soon. (i did try them on at regular intervals and everything seemed fine. but after i turned the heel i realized that they were not going to be for me. if i frogged them at that point i was going to be less happy than if i gave them to someone with different feet. i AM the boss of you, stupid skinny socks.)

*someone on OKCupid lost interest in him, based on his Doctor Who deficiency. I LOVE THIS TOWN. don't worry, he went home with DVDs.


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