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last night we hit the Full Tilt Ice Cream mothership in White Center with [personal profile] buhrger and [personal profile] ethnomuse. one of the art pieces on the wall featured "Prince" holding a plate of pancakes. so [personal profile] mimerki and i found ourselves trying to explain the relevant Chappelle's Show sketch to [personal profile] butterflydreaming.

Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Prince

many tabs

Aug. 9th, 2017 12:34 pm
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for Seattlites, an example of why i'm not so into The Stranger anymore (facebook, sorry)

Star Trek is the MCU's future?

a discussion of Medieval attitudes toward witchcraft through the lens of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

discussion of Larry Niven vs Joanna Russ circa 1985. i wish Joanna Russ was more entertaining reading for me. oh well.

McSweeney's: if women wrote men the way men write women

six degrees of Sephora

how Game of Thrones explains white people

Victorian sewer tech: the stinkpipe

Old Man Murray and the origins of Gamergate

and the follow-up:
what happened to the women who built the video game industry?

We Wear Culture: digitized access to the history of clothing and its intersection with culture

how Marvel fought to make sure that the X-men are not legally human

getting your science stuff through airport security

Martin Landau was once a cartoonist (and hawt)

reference reading and watching material for the Starfinder RPG - a list that is interesting in both inclusion and omission...

ermagherd the Japanese drone camera on ISS is super-cute

Google Glass where it belongs: the factory floor

how fear and outrage are profitable for media companies

newly discovered photos of Mt St Helens eruption as seen from Portland

one of the better pieces about the fear of a female Doctor Who

lots of data debunking the "Irish slaves" meme

research on how keyboarding is impacting kanji writing skills in Japan

why the attempted ban on trans folks in the military should concern everyone

honest tourism ads for US states

i'm playing the world's tiniest violin

scary smart things pets have done

smartphones and teens' mental health

a costume designer breaks down why Belle's ballgown in the live action Beauty and the Beast felt underwhelming
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there's a bill to create a points system for US immigration. I am *almost* willing to go have a fight on facebook about it. because it's way overdue.

I try not to write about politics here, but fuck it. Frex, I have a friend who has two master's degrees and has been here for 20 years, doesn't even have a green card. Can't get one. Why? He's from India and the quota is always full. The thing I like about the concept of points is that you can apply yourself to improve your score. (My other anecdote is that I know someone here going to welding school because welding is on Australia's high demand list.)

I'd happily see the H1B system murdered in favor of points, rather than the tech sector relying on an underclass of people who a) pay taxes but get no safety net and b) are always a reorg away from being deported and c) manipulated via a and b.

I'm not saying the proposal as-is is perfect, but the idea is worth a bipartisan effort to get it right.

What do you think about immigration points?
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i came for the fights, i'll go back again to peel apart the spy stuff. it's full of twistyness and unreliability. i love a cold war spy story.*

solid performances from an excellent cast, with Charlize Theron doing many of her own stunts. the fighting isn't pretty, it's brutal and efficient. people get hurt and stay hurt. they get tired and slow down. they get bruised and bloody. (you watch something like this, and the fights in PG-13 superhero movies get downright creepy.) the trailer made it look like there might be some male-gazy exploitation; not so much. it's largely plot and character driven, when we see naked women. (there is totally naked Charlize Theron, but that's not when she's shot to look sexy.}

okay, i didn't just come for the fights. Pop Culture Happy Hour told me there would be Blue Monday. the soundtrack was a bit on the nose, but it was just part of the style of the world. it was based on a comic book, after all. i enjoyed the 1989 setting, and i thought they did a great job (like Stranger Things) of making a period piece that felt right but wasn't always screaming "LOOK AT THE 80s HURR HURR". most of the action happens in Berlin, and they definitely spent some time filming there, getting in the bullet-pitted walls and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (they also filmed in Budapest, which i'm guessing filled in for East Berlin, since those neighborhoods are now fully gentrified).

i'm glad we get to have R-rated action films again. they can be so good.

*i've come to realize that one of the reasons they have such appeal is that i feel more cultural kinship with the Europeans than with the current heavies. okay, the Russians are the heavies again, but sometimes i think that's because it's way more comfy for an old KGB guy to be fucking with NATO than the Middle East or China.
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today, the smoke from the wildfires in BC has made the air quality here worse than Beijing. it's creepy and getting uncomfortable. the haze makes it cooler than was forecast, but the nights are warmer, and the air is starting to hurt my throat :/

Monday, it was sparking clear and hot but not too hot. it was the second Monday in a row that i went kayaking on Lake Union; hopefully that will get to be a really regular thing before it gets icky outside. we're busing in, renting, and busing out. perfect urban adventure.

last week was windy and there was a lot of chop; they gave [personal profile] philotera and i rec kayaks (i think they were Rip 12s) that were okaaay. we struggled to travel up the east side of the lake. it was nice to look at the houseboats but any time i stopped paddling the wind blew me all over the place.

this week, we went again (with the welcome addition of Sailor J) and both [personal profile] philotera and Sailor J brought their carbon fiber paddles along. i'm not saying that definitely changed things, but this time we got real sea kayaks with rudders. (now that i know there are choices, i will express a preference.) based on our prior experience, we nosed around the calm south end of the lake and up the west side past the float planes and up to the working boat moorage at the north end, then a long diagonal back to the the rental dock.

more about the trip, with pictures )

i think my favorite bit was on the way back to the dock, when we were directly below the flight path of a float plane that had just taken off. it was breathtaking.* i am sad that i don't have a picture, but glad that i didn't waste such a stunning moment fumbling with my phone.

I'm still trying to figure out my best transit path/timing (traffic in South Lake Union is hellish) but the lake hasn't been super-busy, so in general Monday night looks like a good time to go.

Monday Night Paddling. it might be a thing.

*the underside was painted with a local tv station's colors; for all i know we could have been b-roll on Evening Magazine.
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"First Edition *is* our racist grandpa."
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Four goals, four players. CUT OFF ONE HEAD, TWO MORE WILL RISE something i saw


Jul. 18th, 2017 08:12 pm
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I am not a zombie fan. But I do like a good political thriller. And Feed is a post-zombie political thriller.

the ebook is on sale right now.
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via [community profile] thefridayfive

1) Do you want to get married?
no. i am already married. i would not like to change that.

did i want to get married? not for the sake of "being married", no. but certainly at the time i thought it was the natural thing to do to express our commitment and it continues to have financial and legal advantages that i consider very important. (it was also useful to get our families to treat us like full adults.) i know people who have been shut out of making medical decisions for their partner and that set of rights is very important to me.

2) Where would you like to get married?
if i could do it again, i'm kind of obsessed with this place, which remains mysterious but seems like it should be a private club. since i probably don't have the connections for that dreamy view, The Ruins would be nice. (it's hard to tell from the website, but that swanky eccentric inside is nested inside what looks like a rotting warehouse with trees growing through the broken roof.) or maybe i would make everyone go out to Kalaloch or Doe Bay. My one regret about my actual wedding and reception was that we didn’t have a pig roast.*

3) If you were getting married in a week, who would be in your wedding party?
is that a logistical question? there were no attendants when we got married, because to be honest neither of us had wedding-party-worthy friends living nearby. [personal profile] mimerki and [personal profile] scarlettina, I guess?

...I've never been in a wedding party. There's only one person I wish had asked me and we're no longer friends.

4) What would your wedding colours be?
at the actual event i had red roses, green ivy, and heather in my bouquet; my dress and my hair were trimmed with ribbon roses in a variety of colors. nothing matched. i suppose if i had to make things match they would be green.

5) Does marriage mean to you 'til death do us part?'
well, it's working out that way so far and i hope that it continues so, but i'd be lying if i said that i never had times of doubt. i feel lucky that we've been able to work that out.

so no, i don't think it can be "til death", at least not legally or religiously. i think everyone who gets married for love thinks that it's going to last. but i think that people grow and change over their lifetimes and maybe you were really perfect together in the moment, but you don't grow in complementary ways. when that happens, you should be able to go. unhappy marriage is the worst.

*in PA there was this dude who would bring the equipment to your house. He had a rotisserie smoker he towed behind his truck and he would cook, carve, and serve a whole hog.


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