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Leela lurves fibery toys. her favorite is a wet felted wool number that we used to call "fuchsia infinity" but has been tugged and chewed and loved into "fuchsia snake". carrying a woolly toy on walks is the key to breaking her concentration when she is denied prey (goddammit outdoor cats) or play (that other dog is across a busy street). last year I made an attempt at knitting up interlocking rings that could be worn over my wrist. they were great except for the part where they were overstuffed and under felted so they came apart fast.*

anyhoo, I have a couple Noro rainbow rolls , which are them selling the precursor to yarn - it's drafted into a thin strip of roving, ready for twist to be added. (I thought it would be fun to finish it as a chain ply, but it's behind another project that's on the wheel.) many of their sample projects are felted, so I decided to let myself use my fancy/expensive materials to make a thing I might use every day.

process and before photos )
toy is super-light, springy, and so far strong enough for tug. Leela digs it.

*I made them from absolutely terrible yarn that was the result of a well-intentioned gift of fiber that was not really fit for spinning. or at least I never figured out how to make it work.

**not dog toys. we have a can of them for drying down-filled items in the dryer.
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Facebook sent me a birthday notification for a deceased friend today.
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  • i knit a dog toy out of fancy pencil roving. i am happy about how pretty the colors are (it's why i bought the roving originally) and i'm happy anticipating the fun times i'll have with Leela. i'm also pleased that i was able to get over myself and use the roving instead of hoarding it against some "more worthy" project.

  • i gave some AU Marvel/AU Potterverse crossover fanfic a try, and it was delightful. someone in my circle recommended it, and i left it unread in an open tab for days. thanks! Every Little Thing He Does Is, featuring Steve Rogers the auror, adventure, fixit for the Wizarding world in the US, lots of Marvel nerdery, and a sweet PG romance.

  • if you are an American woman of a certain age, Oprah Winfrey is a presence in your life (whether you want her there or not). The Oprah Winfrey show is thirty years old now, and WBEZ Chicago did an excellent series of podcasts about the show and its impact on American culture. it was completely absorbing on a day when i really needed to get my brain to shut up. Making Oprah

  • this rare SFW Oglaf comic

  • i've been reading Code Name Verity to C before bed. he's well and truly hooked, and he's caught on to spoilery things well before i did when i read it. it's such a pleasure listening to him try to puzzle it out.
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    Just another day at the office. (Enjoying being outside before the heat hits this weekend.) something i saw

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    I've missed a few D&D sessions due to the film festival.

    there was a point last week (I think it was when I chained the slaver to the human sacrifice tree with the manacles he had used to chain slaves, and left him there) where C said "[personal profile] ironymaiden is back!"

    I like to say that I know the love of a taciturn man, but what if we're really Dianda and Patrick Lorden*?

    *there are no good links. She's a murder mermaid, he's her conscience. I may have to build out their stub on the fandom wiki.
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    Eclipse sat by me on the bus today. She takes herself to the dog park a few times a week. Note the bus pass. something i saw

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    i've been curious about the Big Finish audio plays, but i didn't know they were a thing until after 2005 (when one could argue that they were no longer needed) and then i was always put off by the cost.*

    but hey, [personal profile] circular_time did a lot of work to collect the ones that are on Spotify and provide links. also, since i already have Napster, it turns out there are quite a few there as well.

    *i know this is silly, i have a nice job and should pay for things i want to support. and i do, but "new" types of things take a while to get on the list of things i can buy. inside i'm still an unpaid intern living on costco canned fruit and the change in the couch cushions.
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    i've been involved in a series of dinners inspired by historic menus. (this started with King Midas' funerary feast a few years ago and has spiraled out of control from there.)

    this one was based on the dinner menu for Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural (an annotated reference).

    the damn thing is basically half meat and half desserts. by the time i had time to think about a dish (since i spent most of the last month+ in and out of movie theaters) the desserts were well-represented, so i decided to rep the "en geléé" portion of the menu. we also had oyster stew, chicken salad, chicken fricassee, tongue, fruit tarts, poundcake, and a charlotte. we watched a couple hours of Gettysburg, ate the savories, watched the rest, ate dessert.

    i made this meat aspic recipe with beef.


    • i did the initial beef boiling in the crock pot on low during the work day, lifted out the (disintegrating) meat, then poured the liquid into a pot through a colander lined with coffee filters.

    • then i added the beef to the pot and i basically followed the recipe on the stove top from the adding of the aromatics point on. if i had to do it again, i would have bagged up the aromatics in cheese cloth like a bouquet garni - picking hot floppy onion and peppercorns out of a pile of hot meat is not super fun. if i had been home on the day i made it, i would have done the aromatic stage in the crock as well.

    • i was surprised at how little food a couple pounds of chuck roast turned into - one loaf pan plus one small dessert dish (my tester).

    • i was afraid that the amount of gelatin it called for was excessive, but it was perfect - a set soft enough to melt in the mouth, but firm enough to unmold neatly. i embedded flat leaf parsley on the top and the bottom, in case the tester tasted good but didn't unmold well.

    • i had nothing to fear:
      loaf of meat in clear gel with embedded parsley on top

      you eat it in slices (it takes a very sharp knife, cleaned between slices, to cut the meat neatly) with a bit of grainy mustard. i was surprised at how much i liked it, and it was a hit with everyone but C (who couldn't overcome the texture of the gelatin).
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    Lady Macbeth


    and that's a wrap. what a fine last film for me. no, it's not the play. but there is a woman, and there are people in her way who need to be eliminated. also sex and windswept moors. yes please and thank you.

    and they're doing laundry at the Marqueen, so the wait for the bus is toasty warm and fresh-smelling. good night!
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    The King's Choice

    Norwegian film about the German invasion of WW II centered around King Haakon. I tend to forget that in spite of all their history, democratic Norway is very young, and Haakon VII was their first king.

    I went down a wiki rabbit hole after this one. (TIL that the current queen of Denmark is a Tolkien nerd.)
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    schedule fail. this is NOT the showing of this film that several friends are seeing. at least I got to have a pleasant meal with mimerki beforehand.
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    The Door (and short The Sea)

    today's lesson: I am not Chinese

    second Chinese film (and a short) that I didn't get. I liked this film but couldn't wrap my head around the protagonist's choices. he finds this door that allows him to step into a different version of his life. what choices got him where? which one should he keep? (also felt hamstrung by books, inscriptions in books, and documents that were clearly significant but only shown, never translated in the subs or discussed.)


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