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1. unconditional PTO. i was ill this weekend and i think that lack of actual restorative time hit me hard. yesterday when i woke up i couldn't anything. and i talked through it with C, and he said "it sounds like you need a vacation". and so i did.

2. C and i talked a lot yesterday and that was really good.

3. Patrick Tull reading Post Captain. i had completely forgotten about Stephen's 60k of bees, who have learned to like cocoa. plus all of my kayak-related reading has made all the bits about slack tide and sand bars make so much more sense. bonus: C has really gotten into this one, and requests replays of parts he missed.*

4. making the things. i don't think i've done any spinning since some time in July, and i've been making the same stupid pair of socks for several months. well, i finally finished those this week and wore them yesterday. after a few chilly a/c days at the office, i decided to knit a lace stole. which turned into looking at the three variations of the pattern and hacking together two of them to put together all the motifs that i liked. i spent a good chunk of my rest day working on it, and i'm into the second chart section. i don't know if it's just that fall is coming or what, but i'm glad to have my mojo back.

5. it hurts a little to say it, but the Channel 4 version of GBBO is actually fine. i've watched two episodes so far, and since someone else has already cut out the commercials, the only thing wrong is the lack of the wacky historical digressions. i feel like a traitor for not being gutted by the lack of Mary, Mel, and Sue, but the people playing Mel and Sue are really good at being Mel and Sue.

*it's only taken about ten years. *cries*
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Askhistorians post about Mulan complete with side by side translation of the ballad and a digression of north vs south in China and the history of laws against footbinding.
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Google ads really really want me to buy a wetsuit.
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C agreed to go paddling with me on Saturday morning. this time we tried the rental place that is closer to home and has a better pass program.* thumbs up.

paddling and pictures )
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Seattle Public Library buys Subterranean Press books. I checked out two signed and numbered limited editions tonight. They're in regular circulation.
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not everything has gone to plan this week: some stuff i talked about in a couple locked posts, and then there's the way Powerball didn't draw my numbers*.

  1. i got C to go kayaking with me on Saturday. that was nice, even when he was being a butt.

    he's agreed to go out with me again tomorrow.

  2. i did some stuff that was hard for me, and fell on my face, but i'm better for it.

  3. i finally went to see The Big Sick with Knitta D. it was a good day to talk with her, and i was glad to see it with someone who wouldn't be triggered by all the medical stuff in it. i think that helped me keep from being upset myself. (that said, [personal profile] philotera and [personal profile] scarlettina and probably C are not allowed to watch it.) ultimately i liked it, although i felt it had been oversold by the time i saw it. Holly Hunter is brilliant, as pretty much always.

  4. the latest episode of Restaurant to Another World has a mermaid!

  5. i decided to give Kesha's Rainbow album a try. it's good, and benefits from being listened to as an album - stylistically it ranges from country to get-up-and-shake-yo-ass dance tunes. pop goodness.

and oh yeah, there was an eclipse. we had something like 92% here. that was enough to see twilight and feel a rush of cold. it was delightful to be in a group and hear the waves of reaction as new people stepped onto the deck and put on their glasses for the first time.

*say what you want about the lottery, but when there's a draw in the hundreds of millions, we buy tickets, and for me they're worth their cost just for the fun we have building castles in the sky about what we would do with the money.
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Eclipse progress tripping light sensors at port of seattle. something i saw

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Just some office plants, nothing to see here. something i saw

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i made my first contribution to [community profile] scans_daily!

the origin story of Thori the foul-mouthed hel-hound
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imagine, if you will, a portal fantasy where we're the other world and mostly what people do is eat a meal they really like and describe it like they're a judge on Iron Chef (the Japanese show, not the US remake).

that's Restaurant to Another World . I've watched four of the six episodes that are available and it's just adorable. each episode profiles two restaurant regulars and how they found the door and chose their favorite dish, so it's easy to drop in and enjoy it as an anthology show.

anyone else watching? It's available from Crunchyroll in the US.
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it is beautiful today. the air is misty and cool, the smoke has blown away, and the sky is pearlescent gray. i never know how much i miss these days until i get my first one.

as i write this, C is taking the same intro to kayak class that i took last month. i was worried that it was going to be rainy and windy today, but when i dropped him off the lake looked like a sheet of glass, just perfectly dreamy. at 9am on a gray Sunday everything was quiet on the water; it looks like they'll have the lake to themselves (with no wind for the sailing people and too early for the motorized people). i envy him today. i want to GO.

i walked him to the staging area and kissed him goodbye.* then i made the mistake of turning on the radio on the way home, and had to fight back tears in order to drive.**

i feel so sick and so ashamed and so disappointed. i have tea and food and the dog and this weather that i love, but no wonder i can't stop looking at little boats and planning imaginary trips.

*he gave me some shit about mom walking him to the bus, but he's been wound up about this ever since he agreed to do it. it's mostly my fault since i am trying to be neutral but i can't hide my enthusiasm and my hope that he will like it too. really, if he doesn't like it i want to know soonest so that i can stop imagining us going out together.
**for posterity, and anyone who isn't soaking in it, there's some filthy racist shit going down in the US this week, and the chief executive is being inexcusably soft about it because he's a garbage person and those Nazi and KKK fuckers are part of his base.
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i've been staying away from facebook, which is great for my mental health but cuts off a major communication channel for my friends with kids. that blows. it also means that i don't see posts from my niece and nephew, who are awesome young adults.

one of my friends has been trying to get me to use Facebook Purity but since it's a browser extension and i'm more likely to look at facebook on mobile, it's not useful to me. which is too bad, because i need keyword blocking.

but i found the best thing: Friendly. (or at least it's the best thing as of today.) for my purposes it's definitely worth slipping them a couple bucks. basically they take the facebook mobile page designed for developing countries and customize the display. it even includes messaging.

here's my preliminary keyword list: trump, homeless, clinton, hillary, congress, share, 45, copy, white house, breitbart, bannon

i probably don't need "homeless", it's just instinct from NextDoor. i added "45" and "white house" after my first browse.

i can still see topical stuff and news that doesn't mention the forbidden words. i can't see earnest "copy don't share" memes, i can't see rage posts about political stuff. i'll probably need to shape some keywords for the left-leaning fake news sites (the people who used to share the right-leaning ones have mostly unfriended me) but they need to slip though first.

that said, check out a not-atypical screen:

Edited to add: i use the Make America Kittens Again extension. apparently the T-word in this post triggers replacement of the above screenshot with sweet kitties. took me a couple attempted edits before i realized there was nothing wrong with my photo hosting 😆


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